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February 06, 2006


Army of Mom

I wondered why there weren't more of those guys there. That is Shitty (note the capital S there). I'm not surprised. I've hated Montana for sometime. I had sort of liked Bradshaw, but he has gotten more and more and more on my nerves in the past couple of years for a multitude of reasons. Was great to see Randy White, Roger Staubach, Franco Harris, Bart Starr and those guys all there.


Yeah, I never liked Montana. Talk about a Prima Dona complex. $100,000?!?! He's crazy.

Bradshaw, though... that surprises me. Especially since it was the STEELERS in the Super Bowl. I would have thought he'd be out there with a Terrible Towel like Franco, but I guess not. Maybe because so many people in Pittsburgh are saying Ben is "the New Bradshaw". ;)


Yeah, I think if anyone sees Montana walking down the street he should get blindsided!!! As for Bradshaw I think he just forgot to take his meds that day. He should get another chance.

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  • Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Killing The Blues

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    Another song I discovered from a commercial! This is that jaunty little number you hear in the new MacBook Air can't help but smile:-)

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