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April 28, 2006



I really enjoyed your SPF, your photos are awsome. Great perspective shots.

I played.


Wow, beautiful photos! And a very creative interpretation of the assignment :o)

Happy SPF - I played...


Great shots.

I played.


As always, great shots!


GREAT SPF! I played!


Great pix and commentary!

I played :)


As always your photos are amazingly beautiful.
I played too!


I've never had tears approaching my eyes as a result of a SPF post. Your pictures are beautiful.

Thanks for sharing.

Great SPF!


The Katrina shot is so touching. Very nice!

Happy SPF and I played too.

Army of Mom

Good ones!


*clapping* i swear, you amaze me every week.

The Katrina shot is so soft. I feel like if I touched it, it would be smooth. It's hard to get shots like that...and you did. BEAUTIFUL. You should be very proud of yourself for the work you do. It touches people and makes them feel something.


Love the half photo. I played too.


I love your angels, and the Boy Speak one.
happy SPF


Once again, fantastic shots, Uzz. I love the last one of MiniUzz -- amazing profile!

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  • Original Soundtrack - Falling Slowly

    Falling Slowly
    Original Soundtrack: Once

    You may have seen Glen Hansard And Marketa Irglova play this song live during the Oscar' well as her beautiful speech. Maybe the most beautiful love song I have heard in the past 10 years.

  • Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Killing The Blues

    Killing The Blues
    Robert Plant & Alison Krauss: Raising Sand

    I have had this CD, but had not listened to it...until I heard this song used in a weird as it sounds, they have a great chemistry!

  • Sara Bareilles - Love Song

    Love Song
    Sara Bareilles: Little Voice

    Yet ANOTHER song I discovered through a commercial! Her voice is impressive and the vibe of the whole CD makes it worth taking a shot on.

  • Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma

    Oxford Comma
    Vampire Weekend: Vampire Weekend

    The new critics darlings are definitely an acquired taste, but the lyrics are highly literate, the songs are smart and the arrangements are delightfully quirky! Vampire Weekend certainly deserves the hype!

  • Yael Naïm - New Soul

    New Soul
    Yael Naïm: Yael Naim

    Another song I discovered from a commercial! This is that jaunty little number you hear in the new MacBook Air can't help but smile:-)

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